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Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation was released in 1999 and remains one of my favourite games of all times. Joby Wood, a level designer for the game, has kindly donated some developer files and reference photos that were used during development. We hope this collection will be useful for level editors, researchers and gaming enthusiasts.

Reference Galleries

Originally it was planned that Core Design would go to Egypt to take reference photographs for levels and textures. Later the plans were downgraded to a number of trips to the British Museum in London. Below are the original images captured on those trips.

You can download all reference photos as one archive (password: 673641) if you prefer.


Various textures and fonts.

Download | password: 613779

Core Design level and texture designers in London. 10/03/1999


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We would like to express our gratitude to Joby Wood and Peter Connelly  for all the incredible media they provided us!

Also special thanks to the sponsors on Ko-fi. Your donations allow me to host all the files on fast, ad-free hosting providers